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Branch AGM Nominations for elected positions

Please note that this years AGM will be an in-person event to be held in the Branch Office, 131 West Nile St, Glasgow, on Thursday 9th March 2023 at 7pm sharp.

It is imperative that we have members attend to elect our committee members for 2023. There are nominations and elections for several positions.

We ask members to attend and have their say on who they want to be managing our branch. It is your branch and your voice is important.

Voting will commence from 5pm until 7pm, come along and cast your vote, please bring your membership number or have your DOB and address ready for registration.

For more information please go to our AGM tab.


Please note that this years AGM will be an in-person event to be held in the Branch Office, 131 West Nile St, Glasgow, on Thursday 9th March 2023 at 7pm sharp.

Registration and Voting for positions will commence from 5pm.

The Labour link meeting will commence at 6.45pm prior to the start of the formal  AGM proper.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at this years AGM and taking part in any elections required.
Pay Update 23rd Dec 22

The Cabinet Secretary for Health has confirmed that the pay award will be implemented and will be in members January pay and back pay will be paid in February.

Wilma Brown, Chair of the UNISON Scotland Health Committee said,

“UNISON members voted by a majority to accept the pay offer, we respect three other unions members did not, but our members are facing real financial pressures now and having agreed to accept the offer, we are pleased that the Scottish Government are moving to implement the deal early in 2023, this will help alleviate some of the hardship our members are facing.

Government now needs to move heaven and earth to get a pay deal on the table for 2023/24 which builds on this years deal and recognises that our registered and managerial members feel undervalued.”
UPDATE NHS PAY 2022/23 Dec 22nd

UNISON has today written to the Cabinet Secretary for Health insisting that the 2022/23 pay deal is implemented without delay after the majority of unions, representing the majority of NHS Scotland workers indicated that their members had voted to accept the Scottish Governments final offer on pay.
UNISON is also calling on Government to take measures to implement an advance on accrued back pay in the January salaries.

Chair of the UNISON Scotland Health Committee, Wilma Brown said,
“Whilst we will stand in solidarity with colleagues who are in dispute over pay, the majority if unions, representing the majority of staff have spoken and accepted the Governments final offer on pay. The Scottish Government now needs to proceed at haste and get this pay rise and back pay into the pockets of hard working NHS staff without further delay.”

The union is calling on the Scottish Government to ensure that all staff receive the cost of living increase in their January salaries.

Wilma added,

“UNISON members and NHS staff have waited long enough for their annual cost of living increase, Government should move heaven and earth to make sure that they see it in the January salary run.”
Looking forward Wilma said,

“This pay deal is not just about money, it also commits to talks on future pay without delay. The Scottish Government need to recognise that registered and managerial members feel left behind on pay and bring forward proposals to that show these members that their skills, commitment and training are truly valued by this government.”
Commenting on the possibility of talks with other unions to avert strikes,

Head of UNISON, Health for Scotland, Matt McLaughlin said,

“Of course, there needs to be talks between government and unions who remain in dispute over pay, UNISON stands with our sister unions in that regard, and we wish them the best of luck. However, we have been clear with government that should any ‘new’ money or proposals be tabled, they need to be agreed within the national negotiating machinery that already exists, that machinery includes UNISON and other unions who have accepted the deal.”
This not a win for government – it is a warning’ says UNISON as health members vote to ACCEPT pay offer

UNISON, Scotland’s largest NHS union, has announced today (Monday) that its members have voted to accept the Scottish government’s pay offer.

UNISON has announced that 57% of NHS members balloted have voted to accept the offer. The turnout in the digital ballot was 62%.

The deal will see most NHS workers in Scotland paid an extra £2,205 per annum, with some staff paid an extra £2,751 a year. It also creates a new minimum wage of £11.09 per hour.

The online ballot closed today (Monday) at noon. UNISON’s health committee have met, and UNISON negotiators will now work with the Scottish government, NHS employers, and other unions to process this pay award as soon as possible.

Chair of UNISON Scotland’s health committee Wilma Brown said: “Whilst this decision ends the immediate threat of industrial action, it is not a win for government – it is a warning. It was far from a unanimous decision and many of the NHS professional grades feel badly let down. Almost half of UNISON NHS staff voted to reject this latest pay offer, and many who did vote to accept, did so reluctantly.

“There is a staffing crisis in the NHS. The health service is consistently understaffed and under-resourced and every day staff are expected to deliver more with less. We have the highest job vacancy rates, the longest waiting lists and longest waiting times since records began.

“The cabinet secretary has secured himself a pause in our members’ anger. He now needs to use the next pay round to resolve the under staffing, low staff morale, and pay.”

UNISON Scotland’s head of health Matt McLaughlin said: “The NHS is a very stressful place to work. Teams are under-resourced and NHS staff often work with patient-staff ratios that are dangerously high.

“NHS staff are incredibly resilient, caring and hardworking, they rarely complain about not getting a break or leaving late from a shift. But what they cannot bear is being unable to provide the high level of care that patients deserve because of a lack of staff and the pressures on the service.

“Staff are leaving at an alarming rate and the Scottish government has not been putting in the planning over the last 10 years to avert this staffing crisis.

“Without urgent intervention from the Scottish government the staffing crisis will continue, and more people will be anxiously waiting for treatment. Both patients and staff deserve better.”


Digital pay ballots should be hitting your email inboxes from 12 o’clock today.

Please note that this is an ONLINE-ONLY ballot and your details must be up to date to receive a vote.

It is members choice whether they Accept or Reject - Make your voice heard.

Vote REJECT to refuse the new pay offer
Vote ACCEPT if you agree with the new pay offer
If you have any issues:

- Double check spam / junk folders
- Contact the branch directly for ballot support

“The Scottish Government has made a new NHS pay offer. Your negotiators believe this offer is a final offer and the best that can be achieved through negotiation.
Negotiations have been long and tough. But we believe we now have a final offer from the government.

UNISON Scotland’s health committee is therefore recommending that you vote to accept this offer. Your ballot email will be sent to you on Monday 28 November.

To see what this new pay offer means for you, please see our website.

Please look out for this ballot email, it’s vital you vote from Monday, we need to know what you think. Don’t leave it to others to make this decision.

And while your health committee are strongly recommending you ACCEPT this offer, whatever you think, make sure you vote.

We appreciate you have been asked to vote a few times over the past few months. That is because UNISON is a democratic union and our members make the decisions.

If UNISON health members vote to ACCEPT this pay offer we will work to get your back pay into your pay packets as soon as possible.

Thanks again for everything you do in our NHS and for your union.
Yours faithfully,
Wilma Brown
Chair of UNISON Scotland Health Committee”
🟪 QEUH 🟩
🗣 A big thankyou to all our @nhsggc colleagues, friends from @scottishtuc and @thebma who came down to show solidarity at the Queen Elizabeth today!
The message is clear - pay rise now or we will take strike @humzayousaf !


The Scottish Government have tabled a new pay offer for NHS workers. The offer is a flat rate pay offer of £2,205 to all NHS staff on Agenda for Change pay grades – effective from 1 April 2022. There are other non-cash elements, however these are still being worked through by negotiators.

For context only, this would represent pay rises of roughly the following:

Top Band 2 - 10.2%
Top Band 3 - 9.3%
Top Band 4 - 8.5%
Top Band 5 - 6.7%
Top Band 6 - 5.4%
Top Band 7 - 4.6%

What do you think of this offer

The offer came after negotiators met with the Scottish government yesterday (Thursday) and talked late into the morning. The final detail of the pay offer was received this afternoon.

Because of this, there have been NO decisions yet about whether or not to put this offer to a membership vote. More updates will follow.

Due to ongoing restrictions, this years Branch AGM will once again be held online.

Please contact the Branch in order to register to attend as a link will be sent out nearer thime of the AGM.

We look forward to seeing you all there and listening to our General Secretary Christins McAnea, and Jillian Merchant who will be discussing members legal benefits.

So note the date and register to attend.

Join our NHS pension briefing to hear about the current NHS Scotland pensions consultation and how your contributions may be affected.

Webinar is Tuesday, 1 February, 6pm to 7pm. You can register for the event at Eventbrite here.

About this event

If you are a member of the NHS Scotland Pensions scheme your pension contributions are changing.

Join UNISON NHS pension webinar to hear about the current NHS Scotland pensions consultation and how your pension contributions may be affected.

Proposals to change your pension contributions are being consulted on. Your pension contributions and pension benefits will change. UNISON Scotland head of health, Willie Duffy, will explain the changes, why they are being made, how they may affect you and how you will be able to participate in the SPPA consultation process.

UNISON has surveyed Social Care members on their experiences during the ongoing staff shortages and it’s clear that something needs to change in the sector. The people who are battling every day to arrange, support, and provide these essential services need support urgently from new staff coming in, but to also feel valued by their employer and their peers for all of their hard work.

The National Care Service could fix many of the problems but this is literally years away; we need change now. UNISON will fight for change, but the only way to make that change is for every single UNISON member to play their part.

So, in our first step towards addressing the crisis in the sector we are asking you to sign and share the above petition which will be presented to Kevin Stewart, Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care.

We need real change, so let’s stand for real change.

The first step is a payment to every new start and every existing member of the workforce. Let’s attract people into the sector in a way that £10.02 per hour won’t, boosting recruitment and retention.  In other areas like the NHS and Local Government workers like you wouldn’t be expected to work the type of shifts that you do without an allowance of some sort, so let’s respect what you do at work by fighting for an unsocial hours allowance and a night shift allowance. And finally, why should you pay your own SSSC and NMC fees? The whole country clapped for you last year but employers and the Government are happy for you to pay to be registered with these bodies even though your pay is so low.

This is the beginning of our fight to Keep Carers in Care – will you join us?


The ballot for Your Say on Pay will open on the 15th April, it’s important to have your vote counted.

Since the final offer was made we have taken soundings from our members and activists and we are recommending acceptance of the formal offer. We believe that this is the best offer that can be achieved through negotiation.

Whilst the offer does not reach our goal of £2k across the board for all staff, we have based our recommendation on feedback from our members.

Should members choose to reject the offer, then a period of sustained industrial action will be required.
To this end we have set up an industrial action committee so we are ready if you decide that is the way to go.
Whatever your vote, it’s important that you vote!

This is about your pay and therefore your decision.