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Due to ongoing restrictions, this years Branch AGM will once again be held online.

Please contact the Branch in order to register to attend as a link will be sent out nearer thime of the AGM.

We look forward to seeing you all there and listening to our General Secretary Christins McAnea, and Jillian Merchant who will be discussing members legal benefits.

So note the date and register to attend.

Join our NHS pension briefing to hear about the current NHS Scotland pensions consultation and how your contributions may be affected.

Webinar is Tuesday, 1 February, 6pm to 7pm. You can register for the event at Eventbrite here.

About this event

If you are a member of the NHS Scotland Pensions scheme your pension contributions are changing.

Join UNISON NHS pension webinar to hear about the current NHS Scotland pensions consultation and how your pension contributions may be affected.

Proposals to change your pension contributions are being consulted on. Your pension contributions and pension benefits will change. UNISON Scotland head of health, Willie Duffy, will explain the changes, why they are being made, how they may affect you and how you will be able to participate in the SPPA consultation process.

UNISON has surveyed Social Care members on their experiences during the ongoing staff shortages and it’s clear that something needs to change in the sector. The people who are battling every day to arrange, support, and provide these essential services need support urgently from new staff coming in, but to also feel valued by their employer and their peers for all of their hard work.

The National Care Service could fix many of the problems but this is literally years away; we need change now. UNISON will fight for change, but the only way to make that change is for every single UNISON member to play their part.

So, in our first step towards addressing the crisis in the sector we are asking you to sign and share the above petition which will be presented to Kevin Stewart, Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care.

We need real change, so let’s stand for real change.

The first step is a payment to every new start and every existing member of the workforce. Let’s attract people into the sector in a way that £10.02 per hour won’t, boosting recruitment and retention.  In other areas like the NHS and Local Government workers like you wouldn’t be expected to work the type of shifts that you do without an allowance of some sort, so let’s respect what you do at work by fighting for an unsocial hours allowance and a night shift allowance. And finally, why should you pay your own SSSC and NMC fees? The whole country clapped for you last year but employers and the Government are happy for you to pay to be registered with these bodies even though your pay is so low.

This is the beginning of our fight to Keep Carers in Care – will you join us?


The ballot for Your Say on Pay will open on the 15th April, it’s important to have your vote counted.

Since the final offer was made we have taken soundings from our members and activists and we are recommending acceptance of the formal offer. We believe that this is the best offer that can be achieved through negotiation.

Whilst the offer does not reach our goal of £2k across the board for all staff, we have based our recommendation on feedback from our members.

Should members choose to reject the offer, then a period of sustained industrial action will be required.
To this end we have set up an industrial action committee so we are ready if you decide that is the way to go.
Whatever your vote, it’s important that you vote!

This is about your pay and therefore your decision.